Choosing Consultants Wisely

Your Financial Team

Take a moment and think about how your financial team works with you.   Almost all financial planners, asset managers, accountants and lawyers work independently of one another and most fail to communicate with each other when advising you.   Does this sound familiar?  Many on your team derive all of their income from commissions they receive from the products they sell you.  You receive conflicting advice from your team because of how they are paid, or the self interests they serve.  How are you as a client supposed to make sense of this conflicting advice and who should you trust and rely upon?  At WHM Consulting Pte Ltd we do not sell anything, nor do we derive any commission-based income.  At the core of our value system, we only recommend what is the best for you,  not what might be simply suitable or, worse yet, inappropriate.  By integrating the various professions within a team,  we are able to engineer every aspect of your financial life and ensure that you are getting the absolute best advice.  And by placing a high emphasis on coaching and mentoring, we ensure that you achieve peak performance in your financial life just as an athlete does when properly coached and guided.

Problems with Chartered Accountants Who Do Tax Consulting Work

How often did your accountant communicate with you during the last 12 months and has he taken the time to design and implement a tax mitigation strategy for you?  If you have not received on-going coaching and guidance, then your accountant is like most professionals in this field who focus on tax compliance activities and have a historical emphasis.  With these types of accountants, unfortunately the only advice you receive is at tax filing time and the communication often centres around how much you owe or are receiving as a refund. from the tax authorities.  At  WHM Consulting Pte Ltd,  we have completely separated the tax planning function from the tax compliance activities.   All of our clients go through a comprehensive planning process where every aspect of the tax plan is properly engineered and implemented.  Moreover, our team of experienced tax advisors provides ongoing guidance and advice throughout the year.

Problems with Tax Lawyers

You want a lawyer who is a problem solver.   Most lawyers are trained to “earn a fee” by spending as much time as possible analysing, researching and writing.  These activities, while often required to represent you, receive an undue emphasis and only serve to increase your cost and their earnings. The best lawyers only research an issue once; they apply common sense to a situation and they suggest either business, financial, mediation, or settlement solutions rather than always following a standard lawyer track of litigation or worthless letter-writing.   You want a lawyer who is innovative, quick, responsive, and uses modern technology to save time and money. When it comes to selecting a lawyer to represent you as part of your financial team, it is imperative that you select an lawyer who has a background or specialty in taxation.

Selecting Your Team

Choosing your team is one of the most important decisions you will make to safeguard your financial future.   Consider our value proposition that emphasises an integrated approach to engineering your financial life and compare it to the advice and guidance you have been given.

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