Income Tax – Revision of the E-Tax Guide on Mergers & Acquisitions Scheme

On 16 May 2014, the IRAS revised paragraph 12.4 of the e-Tax Guide on Mergers & Acquisitions Scheme as follows:

The acquiring company/ Registered Business Trust (“RBT“) need not submit any supporting documents/information with its income tax return when making a claim only for the M&A allowance and not stamp duty relief under the M&A scheme.  However, it needs to prepare and retain the following documents/information: –

(a) Confirmation by a responsible officer of the acquiring company/ RBT that all qualifying conditions for M&A allowance have been met;

(b) Documents specified in paragraph 12.2(a) and (b);

(c) An independent professional valuation report of the ordinary shares of the target company acquired under any of the following circumstances:

(i) the target company is incorporated outside Singapore;

(ii) the acquisition is funded by way of the acquiring company/acquiring RBT’s issuance of shares/units and the market value of such shares/units is not readily available; or

(iii) the acquiring company/RBT does not wish to determine the M&A
allowance based on the NAV of its shares/ units.

The relevant documents/information must be retained for a period of at least five years from the relevant Year of Assessment. These documents should be submitted to the Comptroller of Income Tax upon request.

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