IRAS’ Response to Taxpayers’ Feedback in 2013

The IRAS updated its website on 27 January 2014 and highlighted its response and follow-up actions in 2013, following suggestions and feedback from taxpayers.

IRAS’s initiatives include the following:

  • Removal of need for businesses to furnish ACRA Biz Profile when updating registered business address – IRAS has accepted the suggestion.  With effect from October 2013, businesses do not need to furnish a copy of their ACRA Biz Profile when updating their registered business address with IRAS

  • Easy application for owner-occupier property tax rates – For owners with only one residential property, IRAS is prepared to apply owner-occupied tax rates without the need for application and allow owners to inform IRAS should there be a change in the circumstances.  However, owners of multiple properties are still required to communicate their choice of property for IRAS to apply the owner-occupier property tax rates.

  • Clear guidance on applying GST rules on reimbursement and disbursement of expenses  – A comprehensive e-Tax Guide “GST: Guide on Reimbursement and Disbursement of Expenses” was published in May 2013, with illustrations to provide clear guidance on how goods and services tax (GST) rules should be applied.

  • Making it easier for companies to determine their eligibility for Form C-S filing – IRAS has implemented a Form C-S eligibility checklist to help companies determine whether they qualify for Form C-S filing.

  • Providing more examples of IT and automation equipment qualifying for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) – IRAS has updated its website on automation equipment qualifying for PIC.

  • Providing more examples on expenses that can be deducted from rental income – IRAS has updated its website in which to provide examples on rental expenses that are allowed or not allowed for deductions against the rental income

  • Enhancing the Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) for GST-registered businesses to use – IRAS has enhanced the user interface of ASK to improve the user interface to make it easier for businesses to use by changing the ASK working templates and declaration form on completing Annual Review & Voluntary Disclosure of Errors. In addition, a new e-Service was introduced to retrieve GST Returns/Assessment for ASK Annual Review.

  • Help with e-Filing of Income Tax – IRAS has improved its website to explain the e-Filing of income tax with relevant links to information that will help e-Filers browse for relevant information when e-Filing the income tax.

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