Jack HM Wong Named One of the Notable Singapore Tax Practitioners of 2011


26 February 2012

Singapore, February 26, 2012 – Jack HM Wong, the Founder and Lead Business & Tax Advisor of WHM Consulting Pte Ltd has been named one of the Notable Singapore Tax Practitioners by Chambers & Partners in 2011.  Jack entered into the Chambers & Partners list for the first time in 2010 and this is the second time in a row for Jack to be recognized for his expertise in Singapore taxation.

According to Chambers & Partners, Jack wins praise “for his effective balance of technical skill and client services.”  One commentator noted  “He is always timely in his advice and accommodating of our needs.”

Jack HM Wong, the Founder and Lead Business & Tax Advisor of WHM Consulting, said, “I am extremely delighted when I receive this piece of news.  I believe one of the major challenges for most of the tax practitioners in Singapore is that they are not only required to provide their clients with good quality advices, but also they must be able to exceed their clients’  expectation to win their trust and confidence.   It is unacceptable by my standard if the advice I gave did not address my clients’ concern or if the advice is not delivered on time.  In my opinion, a top tax advisor should possess not just the technical skills but also the business skills.  It is my observation that in Singapore, there are many excellent tax advisors which are good in one but not both.  They can be technically strong but they have not been trained to have good listening ears to understand what their clients want.  Alternatively, they have good listening ears but the technical skills are just above average.   And  I truly believe that my success in getting this market recognition is due to my balanced approach in treating my clients as my valued business partners, not just a client-advisor relationship, and grow with them in their businesses.”

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